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Special thanks to Brooke! A new addition to our PTS Brandon lobby

  We have a wonderful edition to the PTS Brandon clinic’s lobby! Special thanks to one of our parents, Brooke Elkins, who painted our new PTS logo on our main wall. Brooke is a talented artist who took time out of her busy day to make our lobby a happy and welcoming place for our patients […]

PTS in Guatemala

Blog post by Kaitlin Mulcahey, CCC-SLP In August of 2016, I was given the opportunity to attend a mission trip through Orphan’s Heart at a malnutrition center in San Juan, Guatemala. When I heard about the trip through my church in Lakeland and knew it would involve working with the pediatric and special needs population I […]

Does my child need Speech-Language Therapy?

Children who could benefit from our services may display some of the following: Has difficulty sucking on bottle or breast Has difficulty drinking from the bottle or cup Does not tolerate a variety of food or textures Has difficulty chewing Drools excessively Drools from one side of the mouth more than the other Keeps mouth […]

Tongue Thrust Disorder

My child sticks out his tongue when he swallows. Why? Your child may have a condition known as tongue thrust. Tongue thrust is the common name for a disorder in which a person pushes his tongue against or between his teeth during a swallow. Tongue thrust can affect children, adolescents, and adults. What causes tongue […]

Gift Ideas to Promote Speech and Language

The holidays are just around the corner!  One of our speech-language pathologists compiled a list of books and toys that would make great gifts and also help to promote speech and language development. Books to Promote Speech and Language No No Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli A fun and simple book for toddlers about appropriate behaviors (Draw on […]

Childhood Obesity

How do I determine if my child is overweight or obese? Your doctor or pediatrician determines whether or not your child is overweight by comparing your child’s weight and height ratio to their age and growth patterns. What causes obesity in children? Some of the most common causes are: genetic factors, lack of physical activity, […]

Does my child need Physical Therapy?

Children who could benefitt from our services may: Holds head tilted to the same side most of the time Has difficulty holding head up Dislikes being on tummy Has Flattened head on one side or the other Has trouble holding the bottle Is unable to hold body up while held on adult’s hip Does not […]

The Benefits of Babywearing: Carrying Baby in a Sling

What is Babywearing? Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. Babywearing hs been practiced for centuries around the world and has gained popularity in the industrialized world in recent decades. What can Babywearing do for you and your baby? Babywearing is awesome for bonding […]