Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapists work with your child to help your child
learn functional skills that are important in their everyday life.

Information Sheet:

What are functional skills for a child?

  • Ability to remain calm and sleep well
  • Ability to pay attention in school or at home
  • Ability to play with others
  • Ability to complete daily self-care tasks such as: feeding, dressing, brushing teeth and hair, and bathing.
  • Ability to accept and eat a variety of foods
  • Ability to develop eye-hand skills for reading, writing, and playing.
  • Ability to develop body coordination
  • Ability to feel comfortable with touch, movement, and socialization with others.

Pediatric Occupational Therapists:

  • Improve the way your child interprets sensory information
  • Develop Strength, endurance, and range of motion
  • Develop Balance and Coordination
  • Develop fine motor skills and function
  • Increase independence with activities of daily living
  • Promote developmental progression

Our Pediatric Occupational Therapists create fun treatment sessions that interest your child and encourage them to embrace change, growth and learning.

What are some of our programs?

How Does Your Engine Run?/ The Alert Program

Consists of lessons and fun activities that help your child learn to recognize, monitor, and change their level of alertness to participate in a given activity. Children are taught to recognize when their sensory systems are running too ‘High” or too “low”. The program teaches your child to bring themselves to the “just right” place where they can achieve self- awareness, confidence, and self-esteem.

Williams & Shellenberger : Having the ability to change how alert we feel is the foundation of every goal a parent, teacher, or therapist has for their children (or adult clients).”

Handwriting Without Tears

The program follows research that demonstrates children learn more effectively by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning. When the Occupational Therapist additionally provides the correct environment and posture for learning, your child begins to write with more success and less frustration.

Home Programming and parent teaching. Our occupational therapists love to help your children progress. They also know that their successes with your child must transfer to your successes at home and at school. They will strive to make you a partner in your child’s growth and success.